Dieting Not Enough To Stop Heart Disease

News break - January 23

Their study, which tracked more than 8600 men and women over 15 years, shows recreational physical activity has significant cardiovascular benefits, regardless of other lifestyle factors such as abdominal obesity and high cholesterol. Experts said yesterday it added weight garcinia cambogia side effects to the argument that dieting alone was not enough to ward off heart problems, and even slim people were at risk if they spent too much time on the couch, while overweight people had a lot to gain from exercising. Curtin University and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital researchers found that even allowing for other factors, people who exercised at the high end, including activities that made them breathe hard or pant, had a 65 per cent less chance of dying from cardiovascular disease than those with low levels of physical activity. Those who exercised moderately reduced their risk 15 per cent compared with more sedentary people.
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No Dieting, No Workout and Green Coffee Still Manages Weight Loss

This has two major effects- first of all, it prevents fat storage in the body and secondly, it suppresses appetite too. “Though there are many brands selling green coffee supplements, it is just a few that have the required potency to ensure quick weight loss. One of them is Optimus Green Coffee from RDK Global that contains 800 mg of pure green coffee extract and 50% chlorogenic acid in each pill. It is unlike most of the other supplements that contain 200-400 mg of green coffee extract with 20-40% chlorogenic acid.
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