Gestational Diabetes On The Rise

Two hours GTT of more than 140mg/dl or above indicates GDM,” says Dr Chaturvedi. How does it affect the mother and baby? If undetected or uncontrolled, diabetes can affect the foetus in many ways: – The commonest problems of high blood sugars is overgrowth of the foetus, also known as macrosomia (large baby). These mothers often have a difficult vaginal birth or may need to be delivered by caesarean section. – One peculiar problem of vaginal delivery associated with these large babies is ‘shoulder dystocia’, wherein, after the birth of the babys’ head, the shoulder ‘gets stuck’. These babies need to be delivered by special manoeuvres or may result in injury to the baby’s hand, shoulder, neck or nerves; or injury to the mother.
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Know the Causes and Treatment for Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy

causes of ruptured ectopic pregnancy

First lets be clear with what ruptured ectopic pregnancy actually means-it is the fallopian tube which gets ruptured. With the passage of time, the size of zygote increases. This exerts pressure on the fallopian tube, and in some cases the size of zygote increases more than the fallopian tube leading to its rupture. In reality, ruptured ectopic pregnancy is an advanced stage of ectopic pregnancy, hence the cause behind both of them are very much similar. Some of the common causes as given by C health are: Infection in the pelvic region- Women who have suffered from infection in the pelvic region are more prone to ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Narrow fallopian tubes- Some women have narrow fallopian tube by birth and this may become a problem for them. Previous ectopic pregnancy- Pregnant women who have faced this problem in earlier pregnancies are more prone to this problem.
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